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We reach to our customers through

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Channel Partners

ICT Bluezone has a separate division that is the heart of our business, we take pride in our burgeoning vast network of channel partners where we hand hold them by supplying products and categories of 200+ brands with an industry standard channel partner price and business supports. Variety in products, availability of the stocks, instant delivery and value-added reseller price are the unique value addition for channel partners

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Corporate Network

We feed the small and medium enterprises by providing the technology solutions such as Server, Desktops, Laptops, Cyber Security applications, Storages etc.… along with service supports that are crucial for this sector with a systematic RMA division. Our team of dedicated members can advise and guide you on the various solutions

Team Working in the System Room
System Integration Partnership

ICT Bluezone closely working with large, medium and small System Integration Companies by providing them latest technology products according to their size and complexity of the projects at any capacity. We have a wide network among the well performing System Integration Companies 

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B2B E-commerce Platform

We are connecting our channel partners, enterprise customers and system integration partners through a technologically powered Ecommerce platform to make sure the best kind of support in terms of credit facilities, industry standard price, seasonal offers, timely updates, RMA support, updates on the latest arrivals, stocks, and dispatch status etc.


With the unprecedented rapid evolution in the nature of the business globally, It has had a profound effect on the way the consumers shop and we are witnessing rapid changes in their buying behavior, that have inadvertently impacted the way we do business   , we are forced to compete ourselves for consumer attention like never before due to the aforementioned global changes.
We are creating a new consumer-driven model across our retail showrooms that acts as a bridge between the vendors and the consumers by creating a synergy that eventually will grow into a self-sustaining eco-system.
ICT Bluezone offering unique way of improvement of consumer convenience, achievement of operational excellence, and IT service life cycle management.

Experiential Centers for Gaming products

ICT Bluezone Experiential center meant to showcase the latest in consumer technologies for entertainment and learning all combined in one. The primary objective of the experiential center for consumer-buying is to create a highly accessible experience that exposed people to cutting edge technologies and emerging entertainment and gaming products that offer unique first-hand experience for the gamers and consumers according to their preferences and tastes. It will be constantly updated with all the latest gaming trends and niche technologies.

IR Network

ICT Bluezone aims to have tailor made global country specific network of independent retail shops for lifestyle technology and mobility consumer products. We are empowering our independent retail partners by offering entire range of latest high-quality budgetary products across the board catering to all ranges, we use market and business intelligence to learn and understand the consumption trends across the region among the diversified consumer categories. 
In addition to this we have a custom designed range of products too branded as Dots Blue offering better value in terms of quality at affordable prices.

Large Retail Merchandise

We do have a dedicated well-trained team of merchandisers who are showcasing the latest products and emerging technology from multiple vendors in gaming and consumer division. ICT blue zone aims to educate and create a memorable buying experience targeting each individual walk-in customers which will help to create brand awareness for vendors and distributors.

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B2C live streaming Ecommerce portal

We have created an online shopping experience with live streaming commerce technology for our public customers. Which help them to know the products by interacting with online merchandiser and learning from the live expert opinion and wisely can move to the shopping decisions. After all, a better customer relationship means higher customer satisfaction. We offer a seamless integration of various elements in online shopping  so the consumers of all nature can shop in our portal with no hassles and experience a  fluid end to end experience.

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