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Delivering Future At Every Doorstep

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Our story

Founded in 2016 by Saudi Arabian business enthusiast Abdulrahman Alhamami. ICT BLUEZONE is a Value-Added reseller and retail ICT marketplace started in KSA in the name of Al Hamami Technology. Further it rebranded as ICT Bluezone Trading LLC in year 2021.  The company’s ability to establish trusted partnership with leading Vendors, Distributors is the core of its success of dealing with Channel networks, Corporate customers, System Integrators, Large Retailer and IR Networks in such a short period.

The organization is expanding its services to the breadth and depth of the Middle East and African region through the iconic launch as MEA’s first ICT Hypermarket chains, Experiential centers, IR Network, Large Retail Merchandising, Enterprise ties, System Integrated Partnerships and active presence in both B2B and B2C E-Commerce platforms.
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Chairman's Message

Humanity is rapidly evolving in unknown ways to the consistently changing nature of world economy.

Withstanding the global break-down of 2020, advancing into the new world. And evidently only few industries are blessed with a roadmap to look forward to. ICT Bluezone as an emerging brand in ICT deployment in MEA region, we feel both graced and responsible to be a part of the few industries where the future is clear and filled with enterprising opportunities.

As we know, the highly globalized modern world, at the fourth stage of the industrial revolution, we are experiencing an unprecedented transition in all walks of human life. And ICT industry is at forefront of this universal change. The opportunity is highly critical for the MEA region for its inevitable diversification of business interest into new markets. Let’s unite for the rising sun of the new technology era shining upon the enterprises of the MEA region; let’s bring a great fortune for our collaborative effort

Abdulrahman Alhamami

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The Vibrant People
Who are Value Adding to
the Massive Digital Transformation of the Region

Our team is a mix blend of long-time industry experienced leaders and generation-new smart engineers under the multiple categories such as product designers, branding experts, market pandits, sales experts and consumer supporting engineers. 

The human resource asset of ICT Bluezone has been attracted from different ethnic, linguistic, gender and cultural orientations of maximum diversification
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Fathima Abdulvahab

Manager- HR & Admin
Irshad muttukaran.jpeg

Irshad Muttukaran 

Manager- Operations
Mr. Ashiq.jpg

Ashiq Shabeen

Executive-Sales Admin
Mr. Shijaz.jpg

Shijaz Rahman

Executive-Business Development (Channel)
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Nafeesath Misriya 

Executive-Business Development (Channel)
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-31 at 1.36.46 PM.jpeg

Unaiz K

Executive-Business Development (Channel)
Ms. Nishana.jpg

Nishana Nazar 

Executive-Business Development (Channel)
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 5.44.04 PM.jpeg

Saleha Syeda

Executive - Business Development (Channel)

Bushar A 

Executive - Sales (IR)

Shihabudheen KK

Executive - Sales (IR)
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-31 at 3.14.16 PM.jpeg

Muhammed Hashim

Executive - Sales (IR)
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 6.03.16 PM.jpeg

Lavina Santlalani

Senior Executive - Business Development (Enterprise)
Mr. Roy.jpeg

Roy Francis

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller
Dubai City View


Succeed as the largest ICT and Value-Added products reseller and retail marketplace of MEA region


Participating in the digital transformation of the MEA region by establishing our active presence in 25 geographical locations across diverse markets by 2025
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Agenda 2025

Actively participating in the digital transformation of the Middle East and African countries along with 200+ brands by opening our showrooms and experiential centers in 25 geographical locations across the region and establishing the most technology consumer’s most preferred vibrant online presence by 2025

Our Values

Pentagonic Pillars

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We are committed always to update ourselves wiser to futuristic excellence.

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The clarity and sanctity in the transaction help others to rely on us.



It is our calling to ensure the hallmark of quality

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The happiness and satisfaction are coming when others fulfilled their needs because of us.

Image by Caroline Veronez


We strive to spread the gospel of ICT technology into every single life of the transforming society. Let us see other in us

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